A morning walk with the Leica D-Lux (typ 109)

I’m at aconference in Cannes, France – only of those incredible old towns Europe is littered with, but I love them nonetheless.
I woke early this morning and decided to take a walk before the town really woke up, and while the light was soft.
Here are half a dozen of the images I captured, sort of makes up for the fact I was travelling during the Worldwide Photo Walk on October 3.
The Leica D-Lux typ 109 (or Panasonic LX100) are incredible cameras for this type of work, offering a fast zoom, great image quality, good image stabilisation, easy access to controls and is small and lightweight. Sure I’d love a ‘pro’ version with a tougher build, weatherproofing and a micrpohone input, but really, it is a great camera.

Old stone stairs are everywhere, and they look best in B&W.
This combination of morning light and artifical light works for me.
Morning glow.
Panoramic feature on the D-Lux.
Did I really just shoot a 2CV? It hought they would all be trashed by now.

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