4K on the D-Lux

I bought my Leica on a Friday, so on Saturday I made a video – a very short, unremarkable video.
Except it tracks along, as though on a slider, stops when I’ve walked into the frame and wave, then starts sliding again.


I sent it to a couple of filmmaker mates who’d both picked it – all the sliding is done in post. It would have been a nightmare to make such a shot in 1080, because I wouldn’t have been able to slide the camera. It was achieved because I could crop the 4K.

For the past three months I’ve been making Cycle Torque TV, a low-budget motorcycle TV show. Catch it at here.

The show has been successful enough that I think we will be starting production on series two soon, and the little Leica will have a staring role as the go-to camera for pieces to camera with a wide, mid-shot and close up in the same take with the same camera.

It can go on top of a lightweight tripod and stay stable. And the experiments we did In the studio today show with careful set-up of white balance and exposure, I think few viewers will ever be able to tell it apart from the 5D shots it will be combined with.

All that for less than the cost of a good slider.

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