I love digital photography. My son had bought himself a toy light sabre at the local show, and in the late evening he’s showing it off for the camera. My first frames, shot with flash, show a tiny amount of streaking of the coloured lights. I lengthened the exposure time to 1 second, but this results in a blurred mess. This frame is pretty good for a 1/2s exposure, hand held. The flash has lit up my son, 400ISO was enough to record the swinging lights in the toy and the long exposure has allowed the full arc to be recorded, as well as the background.

Yes, it’s a noisy image and low-light is better shot on my 5D, but Im travelling with my travel camera – shoot with what you’ve got.

Hardware: Olympus EP-1, 17mm f/2.8, F36 Flash on off-camera lead
Exposure: 1/2second @ f/2.8, 400ISO manual with TTL flash
Post: Nothing.

Published by Nigel Paterson

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