Rule of thirds… sort of.

Dividing this image into three bands – the foreground reflections, the boys in the water and the boats on the horizon, make this a distintive summer feel. Strong saturated colours give it an intense feel. Underexposed 2/3-stop off the meter to hold highight detail in the white water and saturate the colours. Canon 5D Mk2,Continue reading “Rule of thirds… sort of.”

Water in bottles, coke in cups? It’s Mac time…

I really admire the way McDonalds has reinvented itself. In the past decade or so, the massive hamburger chain has gone from being the Big Bad Fast Food Giant to being, well, less bad. You can actually eat some of the food they prepare these days, there are various options for the kids and theContinue reading “Water in bottles, coke in cups? It’s Mac time…”