Vibrant flowers…

I’ve lay on the ground with a long focal length and shot this group of flowers a from low angle. The sun is to the front and right, punching through the petals. Exposure is as metered, although mid-tone levels were adjusted in post.Olympus EP-1, 40-150 @ 150mm (35mm effective 300mm), 1/250s @ f/10. ISO 100.Continue reading “Vibrant flowers…”

Rule of thirds… sort of.

Dividing this image into three bands – the foreground reflections, the boys in the water and the boats on the horizon, make this a distintive summer feel. Strong saturated colours give it an intense feel. Underexposed 2/3-stop off the meter to hold highight detail in the white water and saturate the colours. Canon 5D Mk2,Continue reading “Rule of thirds… sort of.”