Recording a phone call with an iPhone

The iPhone doesn’t support the recording of calls, and, as a journalist, I’ve found this to sometimes be a pain. Generally I simply resort to Skype, because that’s an easy way around the problem, but when one of my colleagues asked me about the problem, it got me thinking. I came up with a workaround.Continue reading “Recording a phone call with an iPhone”

A optimist’s view of the future

I listened, yesterday, to a podcast which had a scientist saying we needed to reduce our carbon emissions to 1% or current levels if the rest of the world was to have its standard of living rise to Western levels and at the same time halt global warming. A somewhat sobering idea. But I gaveContinue reading “A optimist’s view of the future”

A better solution to 3G on the iPad

In Australia, the 3G iPad is $170 more expensive than the WiFi only version, and then you have to buy a data plan – which then only works on the iPad. It’s a rip-off, basically, although the carriers have come out with a number of reasonably-priced data plans. Why I can Bluetooth tether my laptopContinue reading “A better solution to 3G on the iPad”

Is the Canon EOS 1D MkIV half-baked?

Canon’s EOS 1 range of cameras were the professional standard against which others were judged. Put simply, they are the choice of squillions of working professional photographers, the guys and girls who make a living looking through pieces of glass, who require dependability and high performance in every respect. Some would argue the range peakedContinue reading “Is the Canon EOS 1D MkIV half-baked?”

How Skype could improve the world

Skype Language Learning System is something I hope is being developed (but maybe it’s my idea). It wouldn’t be difficult to develop and would result in the decline of global warming and world peace. OK, it wouldn’t be that significant. What it would do is help people help each other learning foreign languages. Essentially theContinue reading “How Skype could improve the world”