Vibrant flowers…

I’ve lay on the ground with a long focal length and shot this group of flowers a from low angle. The sun is to the front and right, punching through the petals. Exposure is as metered, although mid-tone levels were adjusted in post.Olympus EP-1, 40-150 @ 150mm (35mm effective 300mm), 1/250s @ f/10. ISO 100.Continue reading “Vibrant flowers…”

Rule of thirds… sort of.

Dividing this image into three bands – the foreground reflections, the boys in the water and the boats on the horizon, make this a distintive summer feel. Strong saturated colours give it an intense feel. Underexposed 2/3-stop off the meter to hold highight detail in the white water and saturate the colours. Canon 5D Mk2,Continue reading “Rule of thirds… sort of.”

Curve, warmth and texture

In this shot I’ve tweaked the yellow to give the shot a very warm, almost sunset feel. The letterbox crop means many won’t identify it immediately with the Sydney Opera House, just wonderful curves, textures and tones. Shot with an Olympus EP-1, AV, 17mm f/2.8 @f/4.5, ISO 200, underexposed 2/3-stop from internal meter.

Is the Canon EOS 1D MkIV half-baked?

Canon’s EOS 1 range of cameras were the professional standard against which others were judged. Put simply, they are the choice of squillions of working professional photographers, the guys and girls who make a living looking through pieces of glass, who require dependability and high performance in every respect. Some would argue the range peakedContinue reading “Is the Canon EOS 1D MkIV half-baked?”