A morning walk with the Leica D-Lux (typ 109)

I’m at aconference in Cannes, France – only of those incredible old towns Europe is littered with, but I love them nonetheless.
I woke early this morning and decided to take a walk before the town really woke up, and while the light was soft.
Here are half a dozen of the images I captured, sort of makes up for the fact I was travelling during the Worldwide Photo Walk on October 3.
The Leica D-Lux typ 109 (or Panasonic LX100) are incredible cameras for this type of work, offering a fast zoom, great image quality, good image stabilisation, easy access to controls and is small and lightweight. Sure I’d love a ‘pro’ version with a tougher build, weatherproofing and a micrpohone input, but really, it is a great camera.

Old stone stairs are everywhere, and they look best in B&W.
This combination of morning light and artifical light works for me.
Morning glow.
Panoramic feature on the D-Lux.
Did I really just shoot a 2CV? It hought they would all be trashed by now.

Stray images

I’m in Melbourne, Australia, on a business trip – no shooting. But I’ve brought the little Leica and thought I’d post anything interesting. Nothing here ‘professional’, just glorified snaps which show off the camera’s capabilities.

The globe
Nothing bright here…

Frangapani L5500022

Approaching storm L5500030
Using an in-camera filter to enhance a dull scene.