My son in 2003 showing Dad how to wield the tools. Although digital has come a long way, this D60 (not 60D) image has held up pretty well.
Hardware: Canon EOS D60, Tokina 24-70mm f/2.8
Exposure: ISO400, 1/640s @ f/4, 47mm (eft. 75mm)
Post: Not much.

Insects on the Rock…

An old shot today, rediscovered as I looked for images on my Mac which could be safely moved to an external to free up some space. This image was shot eight years ago with my first DSLR – a Canon D60. Six Mega Pixels for an awful lot of money, in some ways I should have stayed with my workhorse EOS 1, but the allure of never having to scan again – or pay for film and processing – was too much.

As for the shot itself, being able to divide a shot diagonally and have people walking doing something you’d more often associate with ants – marching in line – means this is one of the more memorable shots from that trip. Uluru/Ayers Rock.

Hardware: Canon EOS D60, Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 HSM @ 200mm
Exposure: ISO100, 1/125s @ f/5, +0.67ev
Post: increased definition, contrast and sharpening. (Aperture)

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