Motocross action

This 3/4-framed action shot is exactly what I was looking for: a tight crop, blur in the wheel spokes but sharp rider and bike. I used a low ISO (100) so I could keep the aperture open (f/4) and the shutter speed at 1/500th. The image is uncorrected, but could probably benefit from a tweakContinue reading “Motocross action”

Bush ATV Action

This action shot of my son on his ATV was captured using a Canon 1D MK2N, 70-200 f/2.8 @ f/5, 1/400th, ISO 400. Heavily side lit by the low winter sun, just enough light has made it through to light up Damien’s face, while the blown-out highlights don’t bother me. The noise in the skinContinue reading “Bush ATV Action”