Recording a phone call with an iPhone

The iPhone doesn’t support the recording of calls, and, as a journalist, I’ve found this to sometimes be a pain. Generally I simply resort to Skype, because that’s an easy way around the problem, but when one of my colleagues asked me about the problem, it got me thinking.
I came up with a workaround.
I didn’t want to waste a lot of time on the problem, so if I couldn’t solve it with stuff in the studio, too bad. My first thought was to take the call on speaker and record it with a Zoom H1, but I thought, “that’s way too analog!”
So I thought I could run a 3.5mm cable from the headphone jack to the H1, then headphones from the H1… But this eliminated the microphone. No good.
Then I remembered my Monster SoniTalk microphone. Bought back in the day so I could take calls but use my Earmold headphones (custom molded earplugs with audio capability, used while riding motorcycles), the Monster cable was the missing link.
The solution was iphone-monster cable-headphones-3.5mm cable-H1. My colleague was rapt and the interview recorded easily.