Young cricketer…

This is another example of shooting sport, and why I love Canon’s 300mm f/2.8: it’s soooooo sharp, produces beautiful out-of-focus backgrounds and works well with a 1.4x converter, too.

This image was relatively easy to capture, although many would argue it’s never easy to shooting full-frame with a big, heavy lens and a converter: but I’ve shot with the 400 f/2.8, and it’s a monster compared to the 300. The converter absorbs one stop, so f/4.5 is just off wide-open.

Hardware: Canon 5D MkII, Canon 300mm f/2.8 IS, Sigma 1.4x converter
Exposure: ISO 320, 1/1250s @ f/4.5
Post: Cropped (a lot), recovery increased to improve highlight detail, increased contrast (to make the background less intrusive), sharpened.

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