This very elegant coffee was placed in front of my in a very funky cafe… so I shot it. I really liked the mono version, but my wife suggested the coffee’ colour looked excellent, so she suggested keeping the colour in the cup and going mono with everything else.

The post production was completed in PhotoShop, simply by creating a path, making it a selection, inverting the selection and applying Black and White mode to the selection.

Hardware: Olympus EP-1, 17mm f/2.8
Exposure: ISO250, 1/15th @ f9.5
Post production: Black and White applied to the selection in PhotoShop. Minor burning in, vignette, sharpening and cropping in Aperture.

Published by Nigel Paterson

Writer, photographer, videographer, motorcyclist, parent...

2 thoughts on “Coffee…

  1. The shot is excellent – and your wife was right to suggest that the coffee stay in full color! Without the rich brown tones, it wouldn’t look as appetizing. Very nice!! 🙂

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