Louvre pano…

This is actually three images, stitched together in PhotoShop CS4. I simply stood on some steps with the Louvre’s glass pyramid entry in front of me and captured three images, handheld using my Olympus EP-1 and 17mm lens. Although the images were captured using auto focus and auto exposure, that’s because I’m a lazy, and was confident I’d get what I needed with those settings. I also shot many frames vertically, which is a better way to shoot panoramics because you end up with more data, and have more sky to work with. I would also recommend using a tripod, manual exposure and focus so each frame is consistent.

If I get some requests in the comments section I’ll consider putting together the vertical images. Another project with be high dynamic range panoramics, but that’s for another day…

Olympus EP-1, 17mm f/2.8 @ f/9, AV. Click on image to see it large.

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