Bike 5…

Being able to compose this image so the background was another race bike – a clone of the subject – I think adds to the image. The sun had just disappeared behind a thin cloud and I quickly focussed on the first bike and captured the image. Seconds later the opportunity was gone as the sun came out, bring back harsh shadows.

Hardware: Canon EOS-1D MkIIN, 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM,
Exposure: ISO400, 1/100s @ f/8
Post: Nothing of note.


This image was made during evening practice for a night-time Supercross event. Flas has lit the rider, but the sunset s showing in the sky. Maybe I should have used high speed flash sync, to reduce ghosting in the movement of the bike, but I like the shot anyway. The light pole and edge of the stadium give the picture some scale.

Hardware: Canon EOS 5DMkII, EF17-35mm f/2.8L, 580EX Flash
Exposure: ISO400, 1/200s @ f/13, 35mm
Post: Darkened black point, sharpened

Eiffel Tower at night

The Eiffel Tower at night is a spectacular sight, but it’s difficult to photograph without a tripod. I managed to get this image by loding my camera against a pole and gently releasing the shutter. I probably should have set the self timer and then composed, but this works for me.

Hardware: Olympus EP-1, 17mm f/2.8
Exposure: ISO 1600, 1/3s @ f/8
Post: Cropped, Increased Black Point, Saturation (Aperture)

Thonged busker…

This Frenchman was playing near the Louvre, Paris, in an alcove of a stone building. The alcove’s acoustic qualities gave his music a surreal feel, and he was obviously enjoying his work: his eyes are shut in concentration and pleasure.

I wanted to give a feeling of movement in this image, so I deliberately slowed the shutter speed to 1/8s and hoped the camera’s stabilisation would help, which it did. Making it black and white has given it a simplicity that’s hard to match.

Hardware: Olympus EP-1, 17mm f/2.8
Exposure: ISO160, 1/8s @ f/5.6
Post: Black & White preset, yellow filter, increased contrast (Aperture)

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